Routine Car Maintenance – Why You Cannot Afford To Overlook It

For some people, routine maintenance is just inspection of the vehicle condition, but for others, it is removing worn out parts and replacing them with the best quality brand new parts. Regular inspection of the vehicle is very important in saving cost and keeping your vehicle in the best condition. Let us see more on how periodic maintenance of vehicle keeps it in a good state.

Change of oil to prevent cost incurred in replacing failed engine

Poor or bad quality of oil can cause potential damage to the engine. Engine is one of the costliest parts of the machine and changing it would be a hefty expense. It is advised that an average vehicle when driven for 100,000 miles requires a change of oil as oil during that period becomes contaminated.

Thus to save the cost of engine replacement you must get your vehicle serviced by authorized technicians. Get your vehicle oil changed on a regular basis to keep your engine in the best condition. Toyota Services provides most efficient Toyota care maintenance plan at no cost.

Maintenance of Brake

If the brakes of your car are not proper, then you may experience abnormal sounds, smells and can cause difficulty in stopping the vehicle which can cause severe accidents. If the condition of brakes is not inspected at regular intervals of time, then you may require replacement of rotor or that can be another costly affair.

The cost incurred in getting them replacement is equivalent to replace four to five destroyed parts. To save from terrible outcomes, it is again necessary to get your vehicle serviced at periodic intervals. Regular maintenance is really important if you wish to drive your vehicle safely on the road and also prevent major problems. provides maintenance services that ultimately help you enhance the overall performance of your vehicle.

Change of other Fluids

When you don’t perform the recommended maintenance of your vehicle, then it results in its premature failure.  Expensive replacement activities performed for various components of the system can be a huge blow on a person.


When it is not changed on a frequent basis, then it can lead to damage in the properties of the coolant. With time, scale and rust can develop inside the radiator. This would cause excessive heating of it and lower the lifespan of the water pump due to excessive friction and heat.

Transmission fluid

Transmission fluid is a type of oil that can result in its viscosity breakdown.  The loss of its protective, cooling and lubricating qualities leads to premature transmission damage and wear and its failure.

Power steering

Due to non-inspection of the condition of the power steering fluid on a regular basis then it may lead to internal wear and replacement of the steering gear and the power steering pump.

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is important to keep it in best working condition for years. It increases the lifespan of the vehicle and also reduces the possibility of parts replacement very often. In this way, it reduces the overall cost spent on the vehicle in repairing it.