How to find free automotive service manuals online

Fixing a vehicle without proper guidance is a near impossible task, even mechanics who have spent many years working on cars knows that there are many vital parts that require exact bolt tensions and other speciality parts in order to ensure the job is going to be trouble free.

When working on a car at home, having a proper workshop manual is highly advised. These manuals can either be purchased via a local automotive shop in hard copy books, or if you decide you do not want to purchase the book, rather than going ahead with the repair without guidance, take a look to see if your cars workshop manual is available at

All Car Manuals is a website that has been around since early 2008, and has workshop manuals for over 120 common vehicles found on the roads today. They only list manuals for vehicles which have been out of production for a number of years, so if your car was built around 2008 or earlier, chances are there will be a manual there for you.

The website offers a simple click and download system, the service is free to use and the manuals you can download from there are original factory service manuals, normally these sell on eBay and other websites for around $12, however via the All Car Manuals website, you can get them completely free.

Details inside each manual cover the entire car, so regardless of what you need to do, whether it be suspension, gearbox replacement, engine repair / rebuild, or even basic things like changing an alternator, drive belt, or just to find out how to service your car with new oil and spark plugs, everything you need is in these manuals.

Keep in mind that for things such as brakes and steering, you would be much better off going to a regular mechanic for these, if you are not experienced in these areas. Also when doing any kind of work to your car, note that every bolt on a vehicle has a specific tension requirement, if you put them on too loose, then they can come loose and fail.

The same applies if you put any nuts or bolts on too tight, they can take up too much tension and snap. To do repairs correctly, purchase a torque wrench and follow the torque guidelines for each bolt to ensure your repair goes as smoothly as possible.

To see if there is a service manual available for your car, visit the All Car Manuals website.